Friday, February 27, 2009

Just one bullet

Sometimes I have strange ways of getting myself to sleep.

Last night, as I stared at the little black spot on the ceiling, I started thinking about what I would do if I had one guiltless bullet to use. Who would I use it on and why? How could I get the most bang for the buck from that one bullet I was allowed? I first went through the usual suspects: terrorists, dictators, greedy CEOs, sleazy politicians, Celine Dion... But the imaginary disappearance of any one of them did not bring me the satisfaction I thought I would get. Celine's music would continue to be the cause of gagging reflexes around the world even after she is long gone.

As I continued trying to identify the best candidate for my no risk bullet, I came to realize that a single bullet could, at best, only provide a temporary fix. No matter how important the target would be, there would always be a willing replacement and the wheel would keep on turning. I guess, even in the literal sense, there is no silver bullet. A solution to a deep rooted problem cannot come from a quick fix...

Still hypnotised by my little black spot, I finally found the perfect use for my one bullet; a way to relieve someone from the pain of living; to bring happiness (albeit for the last time) in tired eyes; to make all that individual's problems disappear; to complete what the uncurable sickness has started... It may be that it would only help that one person for an infinitely small period of time but, in the end, isn't that possibly the best way to change the world, one person at a time?

Satisfied with the use of my one shot, I went gently into that good night.

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