Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's in a name?

So, why this bizarre name for my "blogger alias"? Good question! I don't really know what got me to think of the Algonquin language as a possible source of inspiration for my alias but, I am happy I did think about it. I am not of Algonquin seed although it is said that most French Canadian (or Québécois, according to your level of sensitivity in relation to the Canadian political landscape) has some native blood flowing in his veins. I guess I wanted to show my roots as being French Canadian Québécois North American Anglo-Saxon Catholic with maybe some Algonquin, Cree... Since finding true common ground amongst those different roots, I settled on Algonquin because it is not well known, it is different, it is kinda cool and it may even be considered sexy (although I would venture to say in a very limited circle).

So what does Sabenindam mean? According to the "Lexique de la langue algonquine By Jean André Cuoq" (see picture above), it means to have a strong, active, vigorous mind... I think, actually I hope, this accurately reflects a part of my whole.

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